Tuesday, October 13, 2009


El-Twenty is a beauty salon located on Metro Soekarno-Hatta. It’s my favorite place to
get relax. The beauticians are all 18-20 years old female with varied hairstyle and color. My favorite beautician is Tika, a skinny girl with a short blacked haircut. Almost on every Saturday I go there. Get a bottle of mineral water, a plate of rujak and ready to get relax, get cream bathed, massaged, pedicure, manicure, or lulyurrr…

First of all, Tika washes my hair. She gives it strawberry shampoo and conditioner. She’s got a really relaxing massaging way to my head. For almost 2 hours she treats me very well. And sometimes we’ve got a nice talking or I’ve got a nice siesta with a sweet dream. That’s why Tika always get cling cling tips from her clients. She has the magic fingers.

Lots of beauty salon offers their save package, but L-20 is my choice. Choosing a beauty salon is just like choosing a boyfriend. Tika is just one of my favorite beauticians in the salon. I choose the salon because it is saving for money, near from home, and it has someone like Tika who has the magic fingers to relax my head, body and mind – and I love to go there.

Ah, Eka suka hiperbola dehhh… Salon doank getoloh… Any hoooo.. it’s not "plus2 salon loooh.." , ini salon khusus cewek, tapi cowok juga boleh ikutan daripada bete nunggu pacar atau istrinya krembat. Salon ini termasuk ke dalam kategori salon hemat dan sehat. Cobain deeeee…

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