Monday, November 09, 2009

9 things to do before i get back to work

The Do's:

1. Finish the Majmù Syarìf Kàmil
2. Organize and list EnzoDante's medical visit on their health passports
3. Have some self pampering; hair treatment, body massage and spa, waxing (yes! like it!), mani-pedi, and foot spa
4. See the Doctor since i have this dizzyness thing during breastfeeding - thought it's sleepless, uh? However, I have more time cuddling with my boys in this 3 months nesting, yay!
5. Check out Dante's Birth Certificate
6. Clean and decorate the house; the rooms first
7. See Ibu Winda to get some pair of long black pants for work and some batik babydolls and tunics
8. Make albums of our Honeymoon, Dates and EnzoDante
9. Learn and practice more to cook; make Pop's favorite Klapertaart and Rawon, Enzo' favorite pudding and cakes, and Opa's favorite Gurame Woku Belanga

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